Laboratory of Non-Destructive Research

Laboratory of Non-Destructive Research

Laboratory of Non-Destructive Research (LBN) is equipped with a high-energy, gas acceleration system for industrial radiography that allows the screening of large elements (up to 500 mm steel thickness) in order to observe their internal structure. It can be used for testing machine parts and structures, as well as finished, integrated devices or their subassemblies – the so-called composite imaging.

In LBN it is possible to use digital and analogue radiography services for industry, especially the following sectors:

  • metallurgy and foundry industry,
  • machine and electro-machine,
  • energy,
  • mining,
  • automotive,
  • airborne.

Additionally, using the gas pedal as a source of electron beam or X-ray radiation, the laboratory can carry out various research and implementation works in the field of:

  • changes in material properties (polymers, plastics),
  • simulation of operational reliability and resistance to ionizing radiation of materials or entire devices (e.g. electronic),
  • the effectiveness of microbiological sterilization.
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