Business infrastructure

Business infrastructure

Tailor-made spaces

The Wrocław Technology Park complex consists of 9 buildings of an office, laboratory and production and storage character. They create an ideal space for running and developing business of different scale and profile. We have as much as 66 thousand square meters of space dedicated to business.

In the business centre of Wrocław

Wroclaw Technology Park is located in the dynamically developing, business part of Wroclaw. It is located within a short distance from the city centre, close to Wrocław airport and railway station. It is undoubtedly a convenient location for business development in terms of logistics.

Office, laboratory and production and storage space

Our offer includes offices, laboratories and production and storage space for rent. We offer office space of very different size, from 10-30 sq.m. to as much as 300-400 sq.m., thanks to which entrepreneurs can find here the office they need at a given moment and develop in WPT, increasing the leased space flexibly, according to the current needs of the company. Innovative companies can conduct not only office activities with us, but also research and development, creating their own laboratory on the space leased from us or using our 12 laboratories and prototype workshops with specialized equipment. We also offer rental of large production and storage space in the Nowa 7 hall.

Conference centre

In the Wrocław Technology Park complex there are conference and training rooms where events of different scale can be organised. You can choose from three conference rooms, four training rooms and the largest multifunctional room of all, which can accommodate up to 150 people.

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Business infrastructure

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