Laboratories & protoype workshops

Laboratories & protoype workshops

From an idea to a product

A part of our comprehensive technological base is 12 modern laboratories and prototype workshops, provided with world-class equipment. They create a technologically advanced infrastructure that allows research to turn innovative ideas into products that can compete on world markets. Here, there is only one step from an idea to a product.

The companies that choose the WPT as their base of operations can use our 12 laboratories and prototype workshops, receive support in the implementation of research and development projects, and benefit from training in chemistry, biotechnology, molecular biology and pharmacy.
The use of our laboratory and research and development facilities has allowed many specialised companies to establish themselves on the market, their activities focused on such areas as cryogenics, catalyst production, innovative power engineering, generic pharmacy or testing of physical properties of various types of products. Their success is our best advertisement.

Laboratories & protoype workshops

Laboratory and Prototype Workshop of Chemistry and Biotechnology

Laboratory and Prototype Workshop of Materials and Biomedical Engineering

Laboratory of Scaling Chemical Process

Laboratory of Material Properties

Laboratory of Optics, Photonics and Metrology

Laboratory of Cryogenics and Gas Technologies

Laboratory of Electronics, Mechatronics and Spintronics

Laboratory of Energetics

Laboratory of Data Digitization, Transmission, Storage and Protection

Modelling, Collocation and Hosting Centre

Laboratory and Prototype Workshop of Mechanics

Laboratory of Non-Destructive Research