Laboratory of Material Properties

Laboratory of Material Properties

In the laboratory, which is part of the Physical Properties Laboratory Group, it is possible to conduct research and physicochemical tests on material properties of raw materials and products. Its particular competence is to issue opinions on the basis of prepared characteristics.

It also conducts research aimed at introducing new material solutions in various branches of industry. Their scope includes:

  • tomography,
  • strength testing,
  • hardness and microhardness,
  • analysis of chemical composition,
  • microscopic examination (including SEM).

Laboratory equipment

  • Computed Tomography System, Nicon Metrology Europe (XTH 225),
  • Desktop Scanning Electron Microscope SEM, Phenom World (PROX) with Vacuum Coater, Leica Microsystens (EM ACE 200),
  • Metallographic Microscope, Leica Microsystems (DM 6000 m),
  • Stereomicroscope, Leica Microsystems (M 205 c),
  • Universal Hardness Tester, Zwick Roell (ZHU 187.5),
  • Micro Hardness Tester, Leco (AMH 43)
  • Chemical Composition Analyzer, Leco (GDS 500 a),
  • Grinding/Polishing System, Leco (GPX300),
  • Precision Cutter, Metkon (MICRACUT 201),
  • Sectioning Machine,
  • Mounting Press System, Leco (PR4X),
  • Electropolishing Unit, ET1,
  • Annealing Furnace, Nabertherm Gmbh (N32/H),
  • Servo-Hydraulic Testing Machine, Zwick Roell (HC25),
  • Static Testing Machine, Zwick Roell (Z100),
  • Temperature Chamber for Strength Testing Machines, Zwick Roell,

Access the laboratory on preferential terms

The Wrocław Technology Park creates conditions for the development of innovative business ideas. By providing support in the form of de minimis aid, we ensure access to laboratory and business infrastructure on preferential terms. The costs of using the infrastructure of laboratories and prototype workshops may be reduced by 80%.

We also help entrepreneurs to obtain EU funds for the implementation of research and development projects using the resources of the WPT – thanks to the grant voucher mechanism, we reimburse even 100% of the costs of preparing application documents for EU funding.


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  • Anna Bednarska
  • +48 71 798 58 08


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