Laboratory of Electronics, Mechatronics and Spintronics

Laboratory of Electronics, Mechatronics and Spintronics

The Laboratory of Electronics, Mechatronics and Spintronics enables testing and diagnostic tests of electronic components or subassemblies and production of printed circuit boards (PCBs). It is equipped with devices enabling manual or automatic assembly of electronic components on printed circuit boards using the THT or SMT technologies. In the laboratory, it is possible to carry out the whole production process, from making a printed circuit board to mounting elements on it. What is important, it can be implemented in various scales – the production line located in the laboratory is industrial in nature, which allows for mass production of electronic elements. The WPT also enables the execution of smaller orders, e.g. production of product prototypes or their test batches. We are also open to cooperation with students and manufacturing of electronic elements for the needs of their academic projects.

The laboratory is part of the Group of Electronics and Energy Laboratories.

Laboratory equipment

PCB production:

  • semi–automatic screen and stencil printer,
  • reflow soldering oven,
  • Pick & Place machines,
  • laboratory dryer,
  • soldering stations,
  • etching machine,

Diagnostic tools:

  • microscopes,
  • laboratory power supplies,
  • logic analyzer,
  • noise & interference generators,
  • multimeters,
  • thermal cameras,
  • oscilloscopes,
  • frequency counters.

The laboratory also contains a
clean room.

Access the laboratory on preferential terms

The Wrocław Technology Park creates conditions for the development of innovative business ideas. By providing support in the form of de minimis aid, we ensure access to laboratory and business infrastructure on preferential terms. The costs of using the infrastructure of laboratories and prototype workshops may be reduced by 80%.

We also help entrepreneurs to obtain EU funds for the implementation of research and development projects using the resources of the WPT – thanks to the grant voucher mechanism, we reimburse even 100% of the costs of preparing application documents for EU funding.

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  • Anna Bednarska
  • +48 71 798 58 08


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