Laboratory and Prototype Workshop of Mechanics

Laboratory and Prototype Workshop of Mechanics

The main area of the workshop’s activity is the optimization of construction, production and processing procedures. This cycle includes time from the moment of design (CAD-CAM), through the creation of a virtual model (3D computer visualization), to the digital transfer of this model to automated processing equipment and the creation of a physical prototype with minimal time, energy and material expenditure.

The laboratory is equipped with machines allowing for performing various activities such as: cold bending of pipes and profiles, drilling with high parameters, processing in a wide range of dimensions, cutting sheet metal, performing work on hard and difficult-to-cut materials, bending sheet metal, welding steel elements, water cutting, milling, turning, plastic processing of sheet metal, experiencing wood and metals and welding.

Laboratory equipment

  • bending machine for tubes and profiles,
  • pillar drill,
  • guillotine shear,
  • hydraulic press,
  • wire electrical discharge machine,
  • spot welding machine,
  • waterjet cutting machines,
  • 5–axis milling machine,
  • CNC lathe,
  • numerically controlled milling machine,
  • conventional lathe,
  • welding machine,
  • frame hydraulic press,
  • band saw,
  • roll bender,
  • press brake.

Access the laboratory on preferential terms

The Wrocław Technology Park creates conditions for the development of innovative business ideas. By providing support in the form of de minimis aid, we ensure access to laboratory and business infrastructure on preferential terms. The costs of using the infrastructure of laboratories and prototype workshops may be reduced by 80%.

We also help entrepreneurs to obtain EU funds for the implementation of research and development projects using the resources of the WPT – thanks to the grant voucher mechanism, we reimburse even 100% of the costs of preparing application documents for EU funding.


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  • Anna Bednarska
  • +48 71 798 58 08


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