Industrial hall

Industrial hall

Comprehensive production and storage facilities

Production and storage hall Nowa 7 is a modern facility of the Wrocław Technology Park. Located in Wrocław, at Fabryczna Street, it is a comprehensive facility for industry. The hall offers over 20 thousand square meters of space that will meet the expectations and needs of companies operating on any scale. Modules tailored to the individual needs of companies are available for lease, which can range from 200 to 5000 sq m.

Thanks to the technical facilities, they can be used both as production and storage space. Each of the modules of Nowa 7 has direct access to social and technical facilities, office space and training and conference rooms. Such a comprehensive offer definitely facilitates the functioning of industrial business.

Production hall and warehouse for rent

The history of Nowa 7 dates back to the first half of the 20th century. At a cost of 50 million PLN, the Wrocław Technology Park revitalized one of the largest production and storage halls in Wrocław. The hall was part of the PAFAWAG State Wagon Factory, known as W-7.

Now, under the roof of Nowa 7 – a 286 m long and 80 m wide hall, there are production and storage spaces tailored to the needs of industry. The hall can be used to assemble large-size equipment, set up production lines and prepare storage facilities. The maximum usable height of the hall is 13.6 m. Its main aisle is 40 m wide, the side aisle 20 m wide. It is worth noting that each of the hall’s modules has its own entrance gate, accessible from level 0. Nowa 7 is equipped with full technical and sanitary infrastructure and heating from the heating network by means of water heaters. It is also a fully secure facility – there is external and internal monitoring, access control system and security 24/7.

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