Our laboratories

Laboratories & protoype workshops

From an idea to a product – all in one place. This was our primary thought when we created the modern research facilities of Wrocław Technology Park. We created a place, where even the most innovative idea can become a real product, thanks to a proper technological infrastructure and the state-of-the-art equipment.

When locating your company in WTP, you gain access to our laboratories and a chance of obtaining support for your research and development project. The conditions we offer, make it easier to become successful. These are not just words – our laboratories are home for many innovative companies, unique products and many research and development projects. The use of our laboratory areas and infrastructure, as well as other forms of support have enabled many highly-specialized companies to appear on the market, the actions of which were focused on such areas as cryogenics, production of catalysts, innovative energy, generic pharmacy or researching physical properties of many types of products.

Our laboratories are divided into four groups and two independent laboratories:


Laboratories of chemical and bioengineering

Laboratories of physical properties

Laboratories of electronics and energetics

Laboratories of informatics

Other laboratories