Development of NUTRIBIOMED Cluster

“Development of NUTRIBIOMED Cluster cooperative relations in order to commercialize innovative solutions” is a project which we carried out in 2009-2011 in order to integrate the members of the NUTRIBIOMED Cluster and to allow them broader cooperation in the R&D area in terms of implementing innovative products and technologies.

The project was conducted under the PO IG Activity 5.1 programme, “Support for development of supra-regional cooperative relations”. It was an investment which reached the value of PLN 13.1 million, 8.9 million out of which was European Union funding.

One of the most important results of the project was the creation of the Research Facility equipped with new production infrastructure which allowed testing of technologies, up-scaling as well as conducting innovative and implementing activities. It allows us to support research on comprehensive solutions of problems arising in food, biotechnology and pharmaceutical sectors. The facility was built based on the concept and technologies focused on the complete management of materials and by-products created during development of completely new products.

As the NUTRIBIOMED Cluster coordinator we offer support to entities operating within its framework in the form of the de minimis aid, which allows to lower the costs of using the Research Facility’s infrastructure. As a result, even small companies can utilize the facility’s potential and lowering the initial costs reduces the time needed for implementation of their projects, thus improves their growth.