For investors

Investment plots

We support business in every size. Under the Engine House of Business programme, we offer investment plots designated for your company’s head-office, production hall or a warehouse. They are available for sale or rent — depending on the investor’s needs.

The Engine House of Business plots are situated in a prestigious location, almost in the city centre, at Fabryczna Street which, together with Robotnicza Street, has always been associated with being the business and industrial district of Wrocław. Situated within this nearly 33.4 acres area there is a renovated and modernized production-warehouse hall – Nowa Siódemka. The complex also houses: the building of the Incubator of Entrepreneurship and Technology of Wrocław Technology Park and a complex of post-industrial plots put up for sale, suitable for any development plans by an investor.

The Beginning of New History

In 2011, Wrocław Technology Park bought the deteriorating buildings of a former railway carriages PAFAWAG factory from Wrocław Municipality. From this moment the post-industrial, deteriorated and damaged buildings as well as the whole area started to regain its former glory. By listening to our investors and meeting their needs, we have created a true Engine House of Business – the facility full of life and development opportunities.

The completion of the project of revitalization and modernization of a former W-7 production hall, listed as a conservation area and which is known today as Nowa Siódemka, was the milestone in creating the Engine House of Business in 2015. The historical industrial character which combines with modern technologies makes this a really unique place.

In the early 2015, using the EU funds, WTP renovated the deteriorated office building which is now the home of one of the biggest incubators in Wrocław – the Incubator of Entrepreneurship and Technology which houses over 60 companies.

Think Business

Today the Engine House is the place which enables full freedom in running a business. You can establish a start-up company using the support from the Incubator of Entrepreneurship and Technology, rent a production-warehouse area in the Nowa Siódemka hall or invest in a plot or building which will become a future head-office of your company. Within the area of the Engine House of Business there are several industrial plots of different shapes and sizes, developed and undeveloped, with a possibility of merging or dividing them. The total area of these plots is 90,000 sqm.

All the investment plots have a full access to comprehensive technical infrastructure, i.e. water and sewage, gas, energy and communication systems. The area of the Engine House of Business is covered by Local Spatial Development Plan, according to which the terrain is intended for commercial activities, especially in sectors like: production, construction, transport, wholesale trade, corporate services, banking, education, culture, municipal services, tourism, sport and recreation (in buildings) and embedded activities: – healthcare, retail trade and gastronomy.