At the beginning of November 2020, we started a campaign to support the medical staff of the Wrocław Provincial Hospital. J. Gromkowski, who fights the coronavirus every day for our health and life. In cooperation with Cafe Równik and the KINIA company, we have already prepared over 10,000 meals for them!

We have all been struggling with the coronavirus pandemic for several months. With the new year, hope for its end and a return to normal every day life appeared on the horizon. This does not mean, however, that we can already give up our common security efforts and stop supporting those who are constantly fighting the pandemic on the first line- medical staff in hospitals and other medical facilities.

We believe that we can only win against the pandemic by joint efforts, by following sanitary rules and helping each other. That is why we continue our campaign to support medics from the Provincial J. Gromkowski Hospital, providing them with hot meals every day. We are also glad that we can help the catering industry, especially our friends from Cafe Równik.– comments  Maciej Potocki, President of WPT.

Meals commissioned by WPT are prepared by the team of a unique club-cafe, Cafe Równik, operating in Wrocław’s Nadodrze, where people with intellectual disabilities work as waiters and bartenders, and the catering company KINIA operating at WPT. Every day we deliver to the hospital at  Koszarowa street, several hundred lunches to facilitate the work of the entire medical staff of the facility.

As part of our campaign, we also show how to establish a successful cooperation between entrepreneurs, people with disabilities and business support institutions. By cooperating, we can do more – not only support the fight against the pandemic, but also help each other – summarizes the President of WPT.

The WPT campaign, which started on November 9, has already brought over 10,000 meals for medics. However, we do not stop there – our action will continue in the coming months!

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