The fight against the coronavirus pandemic is an extremely demanding task, especially for those who are on the front line – all medical personnel who often fight with superhuman effort for our health and life. We cannot stand by indifferently, which is why we have decided to help it a little. From now on, in cooperation with Café Równik, among others, we will deliver lunches for the stuff of the J. Gromkowski Hospital, located on Koszarowa Street.

From Monday (9 November 2020), for the next few weeks we will be delivering daily to the J. Gromkowski Hospital in Wrocław, which, as a coordination hospital, plays the role of a “centre” of fighting the coronavirus pandemic, 200 dinners for the staff of the facility. Meals will be prepared by the team of Cafe Równik, a unique café club operating in the Wrocław’s Nadodrze district, where people with intellectual disabilities work as waiters and bartenders, as well as the KINIA catering company operating in WPT, which will also take care of the logistics of lunch delivery.

It is not only us, as the Wrocław Technology Park, who wanted to help the medics fighting the pandemic. Our friends from Cafe Równik, who created a place promoting equality and tolerance, supporting people with disabilities, also wanted to do so. Our joint initiative shows how strong solidarity and cooperation are. Any help is now worth its weight in gold. I am delighted that together we are showing that when we join forces, we can do more! – comments Maciej Potocki, President of the Board of Wroclaw Technology Park.

The WPT initiative is primarily about helping medical personnel. However, the partnership with Cafe Równik and the KINIA company has extended the scope of the action to include support for companies from the catering industry, which are facing further sanitary restrictions that have a huge impact on this industry. During the first wave of the pandemic, we encouraged support for, among others, Cafe Równik, which remained closed, resulting in large financial losses. In order to resume its operations, the café needed financial resources to maintain jobs, purchase suitable cleaning products and implement procedures to protect the waiters working in the café, who are at risk of infection.

–  This was successful then, and we hope that it will be so this time too. We strongly encourage you to put your trust in cooperation in supporting the fight against the pandemic as well. Everyone’s help is needed, regardless of who we are, where we work. By putting our solidarity on the table, we can do more to help not only the doctors in the fight against the coronavirus, but also each other– concludes the president of the WPT.

#withoutbarriers in WPT

The Wrocław Technology Park supports activities promoting equality and cooperation, especially in the field of entrepreneurship and innovation. Currently, work is being carried out on the creation of an Integrative Entrepreneurship Incubator in the WPT, which will promote the professional activity of people with disabilities. Cooperation with Cafe Równik and the KINIA company is an example of an initiative that shows how to take full advantage of cooperation between entrepreneurs, people with disabilities and business support institutions.

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