3M, a global innovation leader, has established cooperation with Wroclaw Technology Park (WTP), an institution uniting over 220 Wroclaw companies and technology start-ups. The purpose of the collaboration is to exchange knowledge and engage Wroclaw companies in developing innovative solutions for industry 4.0.

3M in Poland has been focusing its activities in Wroclaw for years, cooperating with the local industry, universities and supporting the economic development of the region. This is where 3M SuperHub is located – the company’s largest production center in Europe, manufacturing over 12,000 products. There is also an R&D Center in Wroclaw, where 3M creates innovations for new products and modernization of processes in the company’s production facilities.

Now, resulting from the signed agreement between 3M Wroclaw and Wroclaw Technology Park, both institutions have started partnership based on sharing experience, providing access to knowledge, and working together on innovative projects at local and global scale.

3M has been collaborating with local partners since it was founded in Poland, joining in groundbreaking initiatives and inspiring young scientists. Commencement of cooperation with Wroclaw Technology Park is another step supporting the development of innovation in the region and in the world. Thanks to the partnership between 3M and companies operating in WTP, both sides will have the opportunity to exchange knowledge, but also to work together on real, innovative projects, the results of which will be applied in our Wroclaw SuperHub production” – says Anthony Crawford, Head of Manufacturing Operations in 3M Poland and 3M East Europe Region.


Wroclaw Technology Park is a space and community gathering over 220 companies operating in all fields of technology and science – biotechnology, chemistry and pharmaceutics, IT, automation, robotics, electronics and energy. WTP not only provides conceptual support for businesses, but also has its share in the constantly growing creative industry sector as an owner of two business incubators.

– At WTP, a technology park accumulating the largest number of companies in the country, we focus on comprehensive support for technological business. The partnership with 3M will certainly allow us to create pro-innovative conditions for the enhancement of entrepreneurship. We will provide new development opportunities to the residents of WTP by realizing projects together with 3M. 3M’s role here is looking for project partners. Cooperation with such a prestigious international company will certainly help our residents gain new experiences that will mark a further path of their growth. We are looking forward to the upcoming cooperation, which allow WTP share our scientific potential, including specialist know-how in the field of innovation development and implementation – sums up Maciej Potocki, the president of Wrocław Technology Park.