For the fifth time, we hosted the E(x)plory Regional Science Festival! 29 scientific projects competing to win a ticket to the national E(x)plory Competition took part in the contest.

E(x)plory Science Competition is the largest initiative for young people aged 13-20 in Poland. It promotes and supports the growth of the most gifted young scientists. The purpose of the programme is to support young and talented scientists in implementing innovative scientific projects, to promote and develop best practices of companies, institutions and other organisations whose operations rely on science, new technologies and innovations, and to streamline their cooperation with young scientists.

Participants of E(x)plory are people who have the courage to ask questions and seek what has not been discovered yet. Our role is to support them
– said Jakub Mazur, Deputy Mayor of Wrocław, who, together with Maciej Potocki, President of WTP, opened the event. The jury assessed all of the projects and selected 7 of them for the finals. These are::

  •  Arkadiusz Przygodzki, PWA – pool water analyzer
  •  Maciej Kucharski, Nikola Kowalska, Amadeusz Antyga, Karolina Dziekanowska – KeyC
  •  Jacek Orszulik – BWSD – Bicycle Warning System for the Deaf
  •  Jakub Baraniak, Karolina Szczepaniak – Performance-boosting battery cells
  •  Jan Szydłowski – A device for safe tanning
  •  Łukasz Michalski – safepass
  •  Jakub Flaczyk, Adrian Szymański – SERF Susan Experimental Rockets Family

As coorganisers, we have also awarded our own special prizes.

We keep our fingers crossed for regional winners and wish them success during E(x)plory Science Competition finals, which will be held on 23-25 October in Gdynia. There, young scientists will compete to take a place on the podium and to win numerous awards, such as: scholarships of PLN 10 thousand, PLN 7 thousand and PLN 5 thousand for the development of projects, trips to competitions organised abroad or participation in internship programmes.