New technologies, production process optimisation, quality system and food law are but a few topics that we discussed with our guests during the Open Day at WTP’s Technological Line. We were visited by a number of people interested in the operation of the Line and in the possibilities it gives to entrepreneurs. They included members of the NUTRIBIOMED cluster and representatives of such companies as: Colian Holding S.A., Alpinus Chemia Sp z o.o., Zakłady Przemysłu Cukierniczego Otmuchów S.A., Sirane Polska Sp z o.o. or BeHemp Sp. z o.o.  Our guests had the opportunity to see the technological line and learn how it can be adapted to a specific technology applied by a company.

Visitors on the Open Day were also offered an unusual snack – the team of the Technological Line prepared its own freeze-dried fruits and jelly beans seasoned with different herbal extracts.

See the photos from the event and come to the next edition of Open Days, which we will inform of in due time. We are looking forward to seeing you there!