The Lower Silesian Academic Incubator of Entrepreneurship (DAIP) is a joint venture of WTP and three universities: the Wrocław University of Science and Technology, the University of Wrocław and the Wrocław University of Environmental and Life Sciences.

In the framework of the incubator we support academic entrepreneurs, i.e. students, doctoral students, graduates and the academic staff who start their businesses in the technology industry. As part of the incubation, for the period of two years we create favourable conditions for the development of the companies they establish.

What do we do?

Our mission is to create opportunities for implementing scientific ideas into the world of business. Our vision is to build a friendly environment for the development of companies and prepare them for independent functioning in market conditions. The goal of our activities is to promote entrepreneurship and increase the knowledge about it among students of Wrocław universities, making best use of their scientific potential and also possibly creating jobs both for them and others.

Our actions yield results. This is confirmed by, e.g. winning the Best Academic Incubator of Entrepreneurship title in the return on public investments category (Annual Incubation Awards 2013).

What can DAIP offer?
The offer of the Lower Silesian Incubator of Entrepreneurship has been designed to support new entrepreneurs in the most comprehensive way and provide them tools required to implement innovative ideas. It consists of, e.g.:

Preferential terms for office area rental

There is more than 400 sqm of office space available for residents, including 10 offices (from 5 to 25 sqm) and 18 open space boxes. There are also 2 conference rooms and a kitchenette available. The prices for renting offices in the Incubator during the 2-year period of incubation are very preferential.

 Access to WTP infrastructure and resources

Incubator residents can use laboratories, the prototyping facility and training and conference rooms. They also have the support of the qualified WTP staff at their disposal. Additionally, they can receive the de minimis and public aid within the framework of our projects. This aid allows us to lower the costs which an entrepreneur has to pay at the initial stage for using e.g. special equipment available in our laboratories.

Support in company promotion

When developing your company in the Incubator of Entrepreneurship you have a chance of promoting your company at national and international expos and exhibitions, get WTP support in promoting your company in the media such as the Internet – on our website, on social media profiles and in press releases.

All of this will allow you to build a strong market position and develop business contacts


The board of DAIP consists of the Directors of Academic Incubators of Entrepreneurship (AIP) of the Wrocław University of Science and Technology, the University of Wrocław, the Wrocław University of Environmental and Life Sciences and an authorized member of the board of WPT S.A. The Supervisory Board of DAIP makes binding decisions related to locating academic entrepreneurs in DAIP and defines the basic terms of contract signing. It includes:

  • Maciej Potocki, Chairman of the Board, President of the Management Board, General Director of WPT S.A.
  • PhD. Tadeusz Trziszka, AIP of the Wrocław University of Environmental and Life Sciences
  • PhD. Eng. Kazimierz Wójs, Director of AIP of the Wrocław University of Science and Technology
  • MA Tomasz Niciak, Director of AIP of the University of Wrocław
Opinions about DAIP


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