Our offer

R&D and Analyses

By building a community where business meets science, we offer comprehensive support of research and development activities, no matter if you need to use already existing solutions or want to develop and implement your own ones. We will help you at almost every stage of your research.
To achieve these goals we create R&D consortia. Using our extensive network we help to establish contacts between business and science communities, both nationally and internationally. We integrate entities which can achieve success by joining their potentials.

We also take part in R&D projects ourselves. Our technological facilities, i.e. laboratories and workshops equipped with, e.g. a supercritical extractor, electro-pasteurizer or spray dryer, provide nearly infinite possibilities in turning innovative ideas to innovative solutions – services, technologies and products.

We strive to match processes and products to the industrial and market realities to the best possible extent. We support our customers in searching for an appropriate solutions they can use. We advise them on technologies they should use and, when required, prepare technological elaborations. We also conduct optimizing processes or participate in projects implemented in the premises of WTP.

Additionally, we also offer advice when reviewing test assumptions and during work related to up-scaling. Additionally, we provide support in the process of acquiring customers interested in new technological solutions at various stages of their development. From presenting test results, through selling the know-how or technologies during their optimization, to selling finished products, services and technologies. This allows us to constantly join two worlds – business and science.

WTP offers a comprehensive range of standard analyses and research. Our portfolio of research is still open and we also gladly conduct non-standard research to match the needs and requirements of our customers. Analyses and research are performed in state-of-the-art Laboratories and Prototyping Facilities of Wrocław Technology Park, i.e.:

  • Chemical and Bioengineering Laboratories
  • Physical Properties Laboratories
  • Electronics and Energy Laboratories
  • IT Laboratories
  • NDT Laboratory
  • Laboratory of Mechanics

We approach each order individually – the pricing for the analysis depends on the type of research and the amount of samples. We invite you to learn more about our comprehensive offer related to standard analyses and research.

In Chemical and Bioengineering Laboratories we conduct:

  • microbiological analyses (e.g. food, feed, cosmetics, household chemicals),
  • chemical determination of food ingredients (e.g. fatty acids, vitamins, polyphenols),
  • quantitative and qualitative analyses by means of gas and liquid chromatography (e.g. identification of narcotics, psychotropic substances and drug precursors),
  • physiochemical properties determination (e.g. determination of wetting angle and measurements of pH, viscosity, conductivity, surface tension),
  • research and services within the framework of protein production, macroparticles, molecular biology,
  • spectroscopic analyses (measurements of elements content by means of ICP-OES and ICP-TOF-MS).

In Physical Properties Laboratories we:

  • perform scans allowing the 3D visualization of internal structure and performing metrology research (comparison with CAD models) of biological, composite and metallic objects weighing from 0.1 g to 50 kg,
  • determine the chemical composition of metals and alloys,
  • perform surface analysis of all types of samples with the possibility of EDS microanalysis of the chemical composition,
  • perform static and dynamic strength tests of various materials with the possibility of performing tests in low and high temperatures,
  • analyses of hardness and microhardness.

In Electronics and Energy Laboratories we:

  • conduct thermal insulation tests of partition walls and the condition of thermal insulation of industrial systems and equipment,
  • perform troubleshooting of electric and mechanic machines and equipment, as well as pipelines and elements of heating and cooling systems.

IT Laboratories provide:

  • hosting services which include sharing services and applications on WTP servers,
  • collocation services, i.e. renting an area for our customers’ servers,
  • scanning and large format printing services.

The offer of the NDT Laboratory is very extensive. The available device – a linear electron accelerator 6/9 MeV allows us to:

  • perform research on objects of significant thickness for detecting internal flaws and revealing the internal structure (arrangement of elements) of assembled, non-dismantling structures,
  • conduct defectoscopy tests,
  • sterilize medical equipment,
  • modify the structure of polymers,
  • modify the parameters of semiconductors and high temperature superconductors using a beam of high-energy electrons.

Additionally, the laboratory also conducts R&D projects which involve using the electron accelerator with a photon (X-rays) or electron beam.

The Laboratory of Mechanics carries out a series of processes related to the mechanical processing of metals, including:

  • cutting materials with a jet of water,
  • cutting metal sheets up to 8 mm thick and 3 m wide,
  • rolling metal sheets up to 8 mm thick and 3 m wide,
  • bending metal sheets up to 3 m long on a press break,
  • winding of metal profiles on a hydraulic winder.

Moreover, the laboratory offers a wide range of drilling and grinding services.


We develop new technologies and analytical procedures and we improve the existing processes from different fields of science, e.g. chemistry or biotechnology. We do that in cooperation with our customers or on their behalf. We constantly cooperate with experts from different industries, among others, analytical chemistry, cosmetics chemistry, organic chemistry, microbiology, molecular biology and environmental analyses.

The effects of already completed projects are:

  • the development of the washing and cleaning formulations (e.g. with the use of ingredients of natural origin),
  • the development of the way to detect and identify micro-organisms using the PCR technique,
  • the development of the determination methodology of group K and group B vitamins,
  • the development of the technology that allows detection of allergens in aerosol cosmetics using the gas chromatography technique,
  • the development of the way to disinfect air flowing in ventilation and air conditioning systems using the colloid of nano-silver.

In WTP we also support our customers in carrying out projects tasks, e.g. in terms of 3D modelling, designing and thermal and strength calculations for low-temperature devices using CAD software.

We also enable to conduct R&D and implementation works using high energy (6 or 9 MeV) x-ray or electron beam generated by an accelerator (LINAC). It allows to conduct research on, e.g. the effects of radiation on the change of material properties (especially polymers and plastics) and the durability and reliability of devices intended for environments exposed to radiation – testing.


Research and development activities and analyses are one of the basic elements which constitute the essence of the Wrocław Technology Park. This is why WTP has a number of different instruments dedicated to companies at different stages of their development – young enterprises at the start up stage and those which have already established their position on the market. When starting a cooperation with us, you can count on support at every stage of your project implementation: we help those who expect ready solutions allowing them to introduce innovative ideas into life, as well as those who only look for their own way of implementation.

We focus on comprehensive support as the success of our customers, residents and partners is our utmost priority. WTP residents gain, among others, access to an extensive, highly specialized infrastructure allowing them to conduct a number of research, for example, standard analyses or development of new methods and analytical processes. We support companies based on our technological and business know-how. Due to the our multi-year presence on the market and the reputation in the community, we can help companies by using the potential of our network which connects business and science.