Wrocław Technology Park houses two dynamically developing incubators: the Lower Silesian Incubator of Entrepreneurship and the Incubator of Entrepreneurship and Technology. We support innovative, creative and ambitious entrepreneurs since the very beginning of their activity. Until now, 150 companies have benefited from our offer and the vast majority of them has achieved a market success.

Why is it worth using the WTP incubation offer?

First of all: contacts

We create a platform for meetings where young entrepreneurs make their first business contacts. They exchange experience but also have the possibility of cooperating with mature businesses – we integrate businesses of any scale, small and large, beginners and those who have been on the market for many years. We make it possible, e.g. by organizing business meetings and networking events.

Second of all: innovations and technologies

One of our incubators is one of the most technology-focused in Poland. In WTP there are 12 highly specialized laboratories with world-class equipment which will help you to transform your innovative idea into a market product. The residents have a modern production and storage hall and office facilities at their disposal.

Third of all: consulting and knowledge

The companies which incubate in WTP can benefit from the support in terms of conducting business – they can take part in workshops, trainings and consultations covering law, accounting and other areas.


Fourth of all: it is a good offer for a start

We offer preferential terms for the Park’s office area and research and development infrastructure rental. This reduces financial costs which an entrepreneur has to incur at the start up.

Fifth of all: the facts are speaking for themselves

Obtaining WTP’s support at the stage of company development is a guarantee of success. And these words are not an overstatement. Why?

  • In 2013, DAIP was awarded the Best Academic Incubator of Entrepreneurship title in the return on public investments category (Annual Incubation Awards 2013)
  • The market survivability of companies incubated in WTP is as high as 90%
  • Many businesses which started their activities in one of our incubators are currently listed companies
  • The companies incubated by us obtain patents, which allow them to further develop innovative products they create, successfully compete on international markets and extend their potential to a level at which they gain funding from Venture Capital funds.
  • The companies incubated by us are winners of such titles as “Innovator of the Year”, “Micro-entrepreneur of the year”, “Innofirma Park Eagles”, “Lower Silesian Griffin – Economy Award”.

What to start with? 

To start incubating a company in WTP you have two possibilities:

  • if you are a student, a university graduate or a researcher you can implement your projects in the Lower Silesian Academic Incubator of Entrepreneurship which is dedicated to start-ups from the area of new technologies. We support them for 2 years, until they become independent and dynamically operating market entities.
  • If you do not fulfil these requirement, you may start your company in the Incubator of Entrepreneurship and Technology where you can receive our support even for 5 years from the date of your company registration, regardless of the industry you operate in or the type of school you finished.