Science in practice


Not only entrepreneurs can take a look at the possibilities of applying science into daily life. In WTP, there is the Educational Centre led by the Pro Mathematica Foundation which was established by Wrocław Technology Park in 2011.

While we take care of promoting innovations and entrepreneurship, the Education Centre deals with promoting science among children and adolescents. A well-equipped laboratory, new teaching aids and an original curriculum of activities attract the attention of not only parents who want to encourage children to take part in valuable extracurricular activities, but also of all the children and adolescents invited by to take part in classes.

The Education Centre holds workshops focused around science subjects. The curriculum does not only include chemistry, mathematics, physics or natural history, but also robotics, cryogenics, virtual reality, anatomy, ecology, genetics or design. It is worth noticing that the form and duration of classes is adjusted to fit the age group, depending on whether they are preschoolers, primary school students or middle school students. Classes can be attended both in groups and individually.