How we support start-ups and science?

How we support start-ups and science?

Wrocław Technology Park is a place where innovative ideas, entrepreneurship and science meet business know-how and advanced technologies. Thus, we create a space where business and science ideas can be converted into products and services that are able to compete on international markets. 

Place for a good start 

Our Park is a perfect place to start your business. We want to inspire students and graduates of Wrocław universities as well as other people to establish their own businesses. We prepared a special offer for spin-offs, spin-outs and start-ups, who can start and run their business at our address at the same time using our infrastructure.

Wrocław Technology Park houses two dynamically developing incubators of entrepreneurship: the Lower Silesian Incubator of Entrepreneurship and the Incubator of Entrepreneurship and Technology. We support innovative, creative and ambitious entrepreneurs since the very beginning of their activity. Until now, 150 companies have benefited from our offer and the vast majority of them has achieved a market success.

When starting your business at WTP, you will find yourself in a business environment that will give you vast development possibilities from the very beginning. We create a platform for meetings where young entrepreneurs make their first contacts and business contacts.

We integrate business in every size. When organising business meetings and networking events we make it easier for new entrepreneurs to raise capital and find investors interested by the solutions they offer. Within our incubators, we offer preferential terms for the Park’s office area and research and development infrastructure rental. This reduces financial costs which an entrepreneur has to incur at the start-up, which in turn speeds up the development of their company.


Support for science

Wrocław Technology Park is currently a place of operation for over 200 companies from the new technologies sector. In our Park, there are scientists being on their way of becoming entrepreneurs and entrepreneurs defining scientists as their most valuable asset. Within our structures, they can develop not only business but also scientific projects. The companies have at their disposal 12 laboratories and prototyping facilities equipped with a world class equipment and the Technological Line.

We support the commercialisation of scientific ideas by making the laboratory infrastructure available. We conduct trainings, provide consulting and pro-innovative services which will effectively contribute to the development of companies and scientific projects. Additionally, we decrease the costs of equipment usage by offering de minimis aid.

Why it is worth it?

Thanks to modern research and development facilities which include not only modern laboratory, industrial or office areas, but also a professional network and a wide range know-how, we comprehensively support innovations and transform them into a market success. Through our activities, we want to support the development of entrepreneurship and create conditions which will allow to fully use the science and industrial potential of Wrocław and Lower Silesia. Therefore, our offer is aimed to start-ups and scientific environment. By integrating, together we can do more.