Wrocław Technology Park carries out a number of projects which help to develop cooperation between academic and business sectors. We support companies and projects which are focused on R&D, innovations and cutting-edge technologies.

Through our activities, we want to create the space and conditions which, by combining entrepreneurship and technology, will allow to create products, services, technologies and know-how that can compete on the domestic and global markets.

In recent years, as a result of European funding, we have completed the following projects:

  • Interreg Baltic Sea – Biomarker Commercializaton  (BIC acronym) 
    BIC is the EUSBSR flagship project, which started in October 2017 and will end in September 2020. The results of the BIC project will improve the competitiveness and commercialization of biomarkers in the Baltic Sea region, which in the long term will benefit hospitals and patients by providing affordable and personalized healthcare.
  • Project “digitalLIFE4CE – Digital Life for Central Europe“
    This project is focused on creating Central Europe an area of excellence in the field of digital integrated healthcare systems solutions where flexible, solution-oriented cooperation mechanisms can be rapidly activated and transferred to all its strategic actors.
  • From Wrocław Technology Park to INNOPOLIS Wrocław
    Within the framework of the project we expanded and furnished the WTP complex, thus giving our residents 34,000 sqm of laboratory and office area at their disposal.
  • Creation of Wrocław Industrial and Technological Park on the basis of the property which have remained of the former National Railway Carriages PAFAWAG factory
    This project allowed us to revitalize, reconstruct and modernize the historical industrial W-7 hall that was once a part of the former National Railway Carriages PAFAWAG factory. Today we call it Nowa Siódemka..
  • Creation of the Incubator of Entrepreneurship and Technology based on the social and administration building by the W-7 hall of a former National Railway Carriages PAFAWAG factory in Wrocław
    Due to completion of this project, we managed to create a well-equipped office area where new companies can develop their business on preferential financial terms.
  • Development of NUTRIBIOMED Cluster cooperative relations in order to commercialize innovative solutions
    With the constant development of the NUTRIBIOMED Cluster in mind (which operates within the framework of the Park) we obtained the funds and created the Research Facility – a technological infrastructure which is unique on the national scale.