Clusters and networks

We work for the development of technological industry in the region and in the whole country. We contribute to building a strong image of Poland on international markets. We positively influence the level of foreign investments and we open new possibilities for entrepreneurs. Within these activities and based on the concept of prof. Tadeusz Trziszka from the Wrocław University of Environmental and Life Sciences we created a food-biotechnology-biomedical cluster under the name of NUTRIBIOMED Cluster®.

The main goal of the cluster is to create connections between science and industry in order to speed up the transfer between the R&D sector and businesses, and to enable the development and creation of new specialized technologies. The activities carried out within the cluster can result in functional products ready to be sold on the market, but also services and technologies, or even new projects and start-ups, created on the canvas of the NUTRIBIOMED Cluster activities.

WTP, as the coordinator of the cluster’s activities, is constantly looking for new ways of developing the cluster and gaining funds which will allow it. One of the biggest investments was, with the help of EU funds, the creation of the Research Facility – a modern technological line which includes 16 production modules adapted for the production of dietary supplements, nutraceuticals or biomedical products. What is important, the NUTRIBIOMED Cluster is the only cluster in the country that has the Research Facility with such advanced technological infrastructure. A substantial part of the research and development funding that we acquire is transferred to the members of the cluster so that, within the de minimis aid, they can use the infrastructure of the Research Facility at preferential financial terms. This results in the quicker development of businesses as they do not have to bear costs for their own machine park.

The dynamically expanding NUTRIBIOMED Cluster has been recognized and honoured with the prestigious title of the Key National Cluster which is awarded by the Ministry of Development to clusters that play the crucial role in Polish economy.