About WTP

About us

Wrocław Technology Park is a place where business and science meets advanced technologies. We create a space where innovative ideas are converted into products and services that are able to compete on international markets.

Thanks to modern research and development facilities which include not only a modern laboratory, industrial or office areas, but also an extensive professional network and a wide range know-how, we comprehensively support innovations and transform them into a market success. Through our activities, we want to support the development of entrepreneurship and create conditions which will allow to fully use the science and industrial potential of Wrocław and Lower Silesia.

Wrocław Technology Park is currently a place of operation for over 200 companies from the highly-specialized technology sector and a workplace for over 1600 employees of these companies. A group of 12 laboratories and prototyping facilities with world-class equipment, the Technological Line which is unique on the scale of the country, a modern office area, investment plots and the Nowa Siódemka production and storage hall – all this is at the disposal of the residing companies.

However, our activities are not limited to only providing adequate infrastructure for development. We also actively support it. We offer consulting services and trainings related to technology, business and science. We put great emphasis on the R&D sector and constantly implement new tools which are intended to stimulate its development. We assist entrepreneurs at every stage of their business activity, especially those who are making their first steps in business – the two Incubators of Entrepreneurship in WTP are working specially for them.

However, in WTP we believe, most of all, in people and the power of their ideas. We want to bring them together to join potentials, encourage the exchange of ideas, promote cooperation between business and science. By building this platform of cooperation and combining it with our infrastructure, we can say with no doubt that, just like the city of Wrocław itself, we are a “meeting place”. A place where theory meets practice, business meets science and innovation meets the market.



VISION: A globally recognizable place full of technological businesses.

MISSION: From an idea to a product – all in one place.